Historic First Presidential Speech to Congress is For All American Citizens

A picture is worth a 1ooo words, and sadly, the Democrats refused to listen, hear and respond to what is a major overhaul to our grossly lacking infrastructure and elements of making American Great Again!
This photo embodies the difference between mature and immature members of Congress, clearly showing the pouting ‘not my president’ attitude on the left, and the rise in support on the Republican side for unifying our country and protecting we the people who are citizens by making the kinds of changes that will benefit us all.

Unfortunately for the Democrats we once again see their true nature as they exhibited their juvenile and childish mannerisms by refusing to stand or shake hands with President Trump for his very first address to congress. Apparently don’t want to make America Great again…they sat while everyone else stood and clapped.

As he began to share the plan, democrats behaved as if they did not want to be there which is a great disservice to the American Citizens that voted them into office.
OH, oh Democrats – you got some serious explaining to do!
When he announced all the companies who are recommitting to keep jobs in the US and invest more, the Democrats facial expression was clearly one of defeat and underlying resentment.  They did not clap or stand for his announcement on lobbying bans…even for the lifetime ban on lobbying for foreign governments 

Among his early accomplishments, 31 days in he has lowered the debt by $12 Billion dollars (while Obama increased it $2oo billion with his ‘shovel ready jobs that got stuck in a ditch somewhere between Washington D.C. and the rest of the nation.)
One the most pressing issues that was still on the docket from prior admin is finally being passed and is indeed a’Shovel-Ready’ job. His announcement that all pipelines must be made with US Steel got no support from Democrats. Another faux paux on their end.
Democrats showed their true colors when they did not respond to resounding applause for enforcing Immigration laws or for building the Wall.  (I see traitors in the democratic party)

The most horrific moment came when the democrats. House and Senate ignored the laws of the land, for their pathetic divisive stance opposing a call to unite and deal with defeating ISIS the radical muslim terrorists nor showing much emotion or care about those whose family members were killed by illegal aliens, showing their disregard to the laws of the land, and not supporting the president in the one thing he is compelled to do; to protect the citizens of these United States first.  They expressed lilte or no compassion to the parents whose children were killed by illegal aliens (some stood but few clapped)
Showed they don’t care or want to do what is needed to lower costs on health insurance. the Silence for that side of the aisle  showed their distasteful characteristics of representatives of the people by the  opposition to fixing the debacle of so-called healthcare that they own and now Republican must repeal and fix.
Their silence also made it loud and clear that they apparently don’t want to give minorities a chance at better education  

Finally, their actions clearly showed they think we should not put America First…. Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Elizabeth Warren and Al Franken did not look happy all night long.
President Trump called for unity and working together…the gauntlet thrown down at their feet as they fled from the room… like cowards.
Defeated, anti-American behavior, cowardly behavior, not representing all citizen in their districts due to their personal feelings are not what make good statesman.
We have not had a president so focused of restoring American and our rule of law since President Ronald Reagan.

2 Chronicles 7:14


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