Democrats Example of Rebellion leads obstructive behavior throughout Country

Democrats emboldened by Obama’s disregard for the rule of law set the tone for his administration over the past 8 years have sown discord, discontent, divisiveness, and anger.
By systematically increasing burdens of restrictions, rules, fines, and oppression upon various groups of people, stirring up increasing anger and hostilities.
Today, the Democrats in Congress have continued their behavior as unpatriotic saboteurs, disruptionists and antagonists setting the example and tone for behavior to people who were not happy with the outcome of this election.
They are supposed to be leaders, representatives upholding the oath of office which they committed to when elected to office, however, as we are witnessing – every day they are either not showing up for work (something that if a citizen did would be fired for) and are refusing to do their part to have all the people in the administration approved.
By sabotaging the government  #NancyPelosi #ChuckSchumer #MaxineWaters #KeithEllison and other democrats are showing their true character as #untrustworthy elected representatives who  lack of ethics, morals, and commitment to their oath to the United States.
There needs to be accountability for this behavior by suspending, removing, firing, any or all of these who are generating discord and not obeying their oath.
Our country needs to be united, but if the Democrats continue to antagonize and fight President Trump and encourage obstruction throughout the country should be removed if they are not willing to do their job.
Finally, democrats must look to themselves and recognize their responsibility for generating this discord and discontent.
By not speaking against the violence throughout the states on campuses and in the streets they are silently giving their nod of approval for this behavior.
There must be law enforcement, arrests, penalties and jail time for those who disobey with such violence and threats to human life and safety of citizens. As #PresidentTrump reiterates “Make America Safe Again” depends on all us being in unity to make America Great Again.  If we fail, all fail, this is what we must understand as imperative to all citizens of our great country.

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