College Alumni Stop Wasting Your Money where no Freedom of Speech

College was supposed to be a place we aspired to attain by studying hard in high school, passing all sorts of test and interviews, applying for loans, grants and scholarships.

It was a place where we could voice our opinion for or against the professor’s presentation of a situation in history, concepts for new ideas, discussions on why we support or not support certain causes, systems, governments etc.

Alas, today, it has become a haven of unrest, rebellion, physical violence against women and even particular party members.

Alumni of the colleges and universities ought seriously reconsider withdrawing their support to schools whose behavior by school administrators to allow, support and acknowledge this destructive, unlawful, unpatriotic behavior.

You are wasting your money on schools that should be centers of education, research, freedom and generating new generations of bright, intelligent citizens who will lead in the future.

Code of Conduct for Students at UC Berkley

Code of Conduct for Students

The appropriate balance of rights and responsibilities is a critical component of our community. These processes have been developed with students’ rights in mind, but students are also asked to be respectful of their responsibilities as members of this community.

During the conduct processes, students have responsibility for:

  • reading and upholding the Code of Student Conduct
  • being honest and forthcoming
  • responding to communication and meeting requests
  • considering the perspectives of others
  • recognizing that the impact of their actions is important, not just the intent behind them.
  • maintaining the high standards of our community by taking action with friends/peers if they are acting in concerning ways

Students also have the right to the following, as outlined in the Berkeley Campus Code of Student Conduct

Perhaps it is high time for alumni, administrators, professors, and students to go back to the books and read what their school has committed to each student and student has committed to by being at that school.




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