And Justice for All

“and #justice for all..”ethics_riht_v_wrong

This is the last part of the #Pledge of #Allegiance to the #UnitedStatesofAmerica which so many of us learned and say in schools and churches and meetings across this nation.

But #justice will not happen in the #courtrooms across #America all the way from the #local courts to the #Supreme Court if #Hillary is elected and has said as much by the agenda she has announced if she were to become President.

All the more reason to vote for #Trump because regardless of his shortcomings, he is committed to upholding the #Constitution #BillofRights and #Justice which will give us fair and balanced #judicial system that will not be biased against any race, creed, or color but will base their decisions on the facts. Right or Wrong – the basis of #Justice.

This will affect you, your #children, #grandchildren and even future #generations  Remember, that your #vote will determine the life that your family will live or not live in this country.
Do not be swayed by #liberal agendas, #elites who want to control and rig the election nor two extremely #bitter and #angry people who will do anything to bring this country down regardless of how it will affect your lives.

Consider carefully and prayerfully about your #vote primarily because of the judicial impact in all our lives.
I urge you to not give your #vote to a woman who calls good citizens #deplorables, supports the #killing of #unborn #Children, mocks God, lies, cheats, steals and leaves good men without protection in their hour of need.
They did not receive it, what makes you think you will get help in your time of need from her?
The answer is simple and clear – you won’t.

Clinton has already said she wants to bring in as many immigrants from the middle east as possible, which would bankrupt our systems and allow the #ClovardPiven  and #Alinsky agendas to take over leaving you and I without any means to defend ourselves.
No justice, no defense, no peace, nothing. Just remember what happens when people lose their ability to defend themselves. #Guncontrol






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