Qualities of a Leader

Don’t you find it frustrating that in looking for a quality leader, they are few and far to come by?
You want someone who will be a prudent and wise person, a trustworthy person others will emulate and be excited to follow.  We do background checks, criminal checks, talk to people they have worked with, and former employers – we give them personality tests and sometimes even psychological tests.
Qualities of a Leader are listed in book after book by every kind of CEO who has been successful with a company. Qualities like #trust #honesty #focus #transparency #inspiration #dedication #loyalty #word #empowering #persistence and more.

So, it would seem that we would give the same scrutiny to our current presidential nominees when selecting the one who will be best suited for this turnaround period for our country.

First and foremost – the work done by one of the candidates has been during her employment as a government employee.  Countless emails, letters, a litany of character references regarding her and her husband’s behavior as government employees would have sent many to jail by now.  The list of suspicious deaths, affairs, exchanges of monies for selling country information for personal gain and failing to come to the aid of our ambassador and staff cause their death – do not in my opinion qualify her a viable candidate.  This is a thief wanting to be a chief.
None of her character traits or experience would cause of thinking person to allow her to run YOUR company let alone our Country.
On the other hand we have a gregarious man with an endless resume of being an entrepreneur with failures and success who works in the field and the office.
A man who as a private citizen has either contributed or paid for every project by himself or partnering and increasing their wealth by doing so. He is a businessman with a heart for the the country to bring about the kind of change, as CEOs look for when in a turnaround mode, or needing to up the ante or a brand or company et all.
While he has his flaws, as we all do, he is patriotic, inspiring – look at all his children including his daughters and all the women on staff.  He has no problem helping people do better by finding the need and applying a workforce to make it happen.
He understands domestic and foreign currencies, debt an asset distribution – when done right can bring financial balance and stability.

The most important decision in our lifetime is who will be the SCOTUS over the next 20+ years and how their decisions will impact how we live, protect our families, do business and prevent government hostility to take over in every area of our existence.
This is what we are voting for because either of these two will be selecting persons who will either uphold or destroy the constitution.
So when you look at your list of leadership qualities – ask yourself this one question – which of these two would I trust my company, my life, my family, and my freedom  with – the blue pill of the red one?  You have only one choice, make it the right one.




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